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Dr. Janani Sampath joins PRG from Lisa Hall group

  • July 1, 2018
Janani exercises leadership on the group retreat to San Juan Island, overseeing mallow roasting experiments performed by Arushi and Josh.

This summer, the Pfaendtner Research Group was pleased to welcome postdoctoral researcher Janani Sampath. Janani joins us from the Hall Research Group at the Ohio State University, where she earned her PhD in Chemical Engineering. We are grateful for the initiative and leadership Janani has showed already as our new group manager, and look forward to her forthcoming research impact.

Other News

Graduate student Sarah Alamdari wins prestigious NSF-GRFP award

The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program supports outstanding graduate students in STEM for a period of three years to pursue research based Master’s and Doctoral degrees. More details about the award can be found here. Congratulations Sarah!

Jim gives an invited talk at FOMMS 2018

Jim gave a plenary lecture titled “Tackling Molecular Simulation Challenges with Many Slow Degrees of Freedom” in the 2018 Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulations (FOMMS) triennial meeting held in Delavan, Wisconsin. Details about the meeting can be found here.

Sarah Alamdari and Luke Gibson present at FOMMS

The Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulations (FOMMS) was held in Delavan, WI this year from July 15-20. Sarah and Luke presented research posters respectively titled “Using Hybrid Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Understand the Role of Ionic Liquids on Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions” and “Exploring One-Electron Reduction Reaction Mechanisms of Ethylene Carbonate Using Metadynamics”.

Graduate student Luke Gibson wins NRT data science accelerator funding

Luke earned a full year of funding through the Data Science Accelerator (DSA) Award. He will be building a neural network potential trained on ab-initio molecular dynamics trajectories of battery electrolyte systems. With this neural network potential, he will study solid-electrolyte interphase formation phenomena over much greater length- and time-scales than what is typically afforded to ab-initio molecular dynamics. More details can be found here. Congratulations, Luke!

Graduate student Sabiha Rustam earns CEI fellowship

Sabiha earned a full year of funding through University of Washington Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship and DIRECT. Congratulations, Sabiha!